This is Not a Knitting Blog


Don’t get me wrong.  I love knitting blogs.  I love knitting.  I love spinning.  I love all fibre-y, fuzzy things.  I have a huge stash of said things, and am always accumulating more than I will probably ever use.  I have a sock yarn blanket on the go.  Also, the wrap sweater from “Big Girl Knits”, which I have been meaning to finish for about 3 years now. 

Also, three monsters and a monkey.  And a ruffled shawl from some purple/blue mohair that made me bring it home from the Woodstock Fleece Festival.  And two pounds of merino roving, one purple/green and one green, also from said Festival.  And some beautiful kid mohair in green and blue and gold (same place).  And various small ends of bamboo roving from Pat LeClair at Dyeing for Colour in Trenton, to spin up to use in that sock blanket, which is going to look AWESOME on my bed at the senior’s residence. 

And the Super Zauberball I bought months ago, and another ball of some pretty awesome self-striping sock yarn, and a whole bunch of recycled sari silk which is going to turn into some kick-ass little bags.  And a basket full of homespun in various shades of brown, gold, taupe and grey for an Incredible Entrelac Argyle Vest, which so far only exists in my head.  And a pile of different little odds, ends and locks of different fibres that I will one day card together into Fabulous Artisnal Batts with my drum carder.  Once I get one.  I haven’t got one at the moment, cuz they’re kind of expensive, but I want one, oh yes I do.  Carding by hand is for the birds, and is very, very good for the upper arms and chest.

Oh!  And lastly the Fiddlehead Mittens.  I thought I had gotten them out of my system, but the Yarn Harlot mentioned them the other day, and I started drooling again, so I had to go see Bridget the Patron Saint of Enabling over at Needles in the Hay (there, there’s a nice plug – go see her and buy some yarn!) and buy the kit for those.  They are the most bee-yoo-tee-ful lined mittens. I’m getting a bit tired of knitting monsters, I need something grownup to knit for a while.  Although I DID order Rebecca Danger’s new book of monster patterns recently.  Cuz I love Rebecca Danger.  Sooooo much…

But, this is NOT a knitting blog.  Lots of people have lovely knitting blogs already, some of which I follow faithfully and enjoy immensely.  I don’t know enough about knitting to blog about it.  I just know that



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  1. I'm so relieved that this is not a knitting blog….. After all, there is much more to Lynne than her knitting ability…. which, by the way, should not be minimalized in any way!

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