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Return of the Blog


Just to let you know, the blog will return – just working through some personal stuff. Think of it as a summer hiatus – go read old posts, or watch reruns of Three’s Company, or Hogan’s Heroes, or something. Jeez, you must have SOMETHING better to do.



Worst Hair Day


Okay, anyone who follows me on facebook is already aware of my recent haircut trauma. I do not like my hair. The one thing I’m really, really vain about is my hair. I’ve always had thick, wavy hair, down-to-there hair, long beautiful hair.

I love my long hair. It makes me feel feminine, what can I say? I like Charlie Brown dancing. I like fooling around with hairstyles and such. Also, sometimes it gives me a place to hide, a curtain from which I can peer out, or not, at will. Can you tell what I’m thinking if you can’t see my eyes? I’ve been told on multiple occasions that my face is an open book, that I don’t need words to tell you how I feel about something. That’s a little unsettling. I don’t really want everyone to know what I’m thinking all the time. I like to be able to control what people know about me. On the other hand, I’m a sucker for a compliment. Tell me I have nice eyes, and you can’t see them with my hair long.

This is the second worst haircut I’ve ever had. The first one was my first grade pixie cut. At least I was just a kid, I didn’t care so much.

This – is bad. I saw a dog on the street today, a curly, fluffy dog. I think we were from the same litter. I have Adrienne Barbeau hair. Van Halen hair. Journey hair. Twisted Sister hair. Fluffy, poofy hair. Cute, sassy, bouncy hair. I’m a lot of things, but none of them are cute, sassy or bouncy, thank Gord.

It doesn’t frame my face, it doesn’t blow in the wind. I feel like it’s gonna make people want to pat me on the head. I’m pretty sure I won’t like that. It also makes me even taller, which is okay if you’re petite, but ummm…I’m not. I feel like I’m ducking through doorways.

In highschool, I had long hair, all one length. Occasionally I would braid it up into a dozen tiny braids after washing it, and brush it out dry in the morning, so I had huge, huge frizzy hair. I don’t know why I liked it, but I did. In university, I experimented with various shades of red/orange/ginger, which also wasn’t bad, I kind of liked that too. I’m not averse to something a little different, for sure.

But this?


Please grow fast, hair.