The Last Monster


I’m current knitting the last of the monsters.  I made five before Christmas, and three since.  Admittedly, they are very cute.  I’m just so tired of making them.  Once this one’s done, I’m on the monster wagon, at least until Rebecca Danger’s new book arrives.  In between – Fiddlehead Mittens.

Number One Son has taken up weaving on a tiny hand loom I got him for Christmas. I promised him that if he really takes to it, we’ll clean up his grandma’s old loom for him.   He came over yesterday and we had a Big Bang Theory marathon, with knitting, weaving and a little spinning, all toasty warm while it snowed and blowed outside.  He’s moving back to Toronto shortly.  I’m going to miss him, and of course worry about him, because I’m a Mum and that’s What We Do.  But I can see his point, there’s really not much here for a guy his age.  Not that hanging out with your Mum doing arts ‘n crafts isn’t a blast…

Elliot has discovered a new type of sheep.  Behold:

 You spinners out there might want to jump on this one immediately.  I believe it’s hypo-allergenic, and waterproof!


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