This post is NOT about Emily the annoying five-year-old who sat behind me on a four and a half hour flight from Vancouver.  I will never write a post about Annoying Emily.  Yes, you have to wear your seatbelt, I don’t care if you don’t like dinner, eat it anyway, and stop kicking that lady’s seat.  There, Emily’s Mum, problem solved.  Grow a spine.

While I’ve been home, I’ve been glued to the TV every afternoon for “Emily of New Moon”.  It’s a nicely made Canadian drama, based on the books of L.M. Montgomery, but it has a weird, twisty paranormal side that creeps up and breathes in your ear.   It also has Sheila McCarthy playing Aunt Laura, and she gives me the willies in a very delightful way.  Her IRL husband died recently – I can’t remember his name, but he was apparently very big in Stratford, and played her evil sometime-husband, Ian Bowles in the series.

I must admit, I am a fan of Ms. Montgomery’s books.  My mum had all of the “Anne” books from her own childhood in New Zealand.  Interesting, in that that was her first experience of Canada.  I understand that for many years the books were also very popular in Japan. Anyway, I quickly devoured them, and then got the “Emily” books out of the library, but they didn’t appeal to me as a child, and so I have yet to read them.

This is a good thing, Martha!  Often when I get very seriously involved with an author, they have either been dead for years, or die and stop writing books as a result!  Arthur Conan Doyle – dead.  Ellis Peters – dead.  Margaret Lawrence – dead.  So to find that I have yet to enjoy everything a favourite dead author has to offer is seriously wonderful.

So, someone please look after Alexander McCall Smith – please make sure he is wrapped up warmly, taking vitamins, and watching his cholesterol intake.  Amen.


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  1. I love Alexander McCall Smith. And Anne of GG – she practically had magic powers. She never put up with any B.S. and she could charm any crabby person she came across. Plus she got her friend drunk (haha!) and hit that bastard Gilbert over the head for teasing her. Now way could she be bullied.

  2. Update – the books came today – Amazon, I love you, you are so fast. Please do not insert commentary here about why you are boycotting Amazon. I know about it, have considered and discarded it.

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