From the Desk of Debbie Downer


So, as we all know, I am the Bull Goose Champion Worrier.  I not only worry about my OWN stuff, and YOUR stuff, I worry on global scale!  Here’s some stuff that’s buggin’ me right now, and seriously, this does keep me up nights. 

1.  Asteroids.  Apparently, sometimes we can’t even see them coming.  I heard this on the CBC this morning.  An asteroid one measly kilometre wide could wipe us all out.  Sometimes they sneak out from behind the sun, and no one even sees them coming.  BOOM.  Buh bye…

2.  North Korea.  Who knows what the heck they’re gonna do?  That’s a hella messed-up place, run by a spoiled little fat boy who likes uniforms and pretending to be some kind of half-deity like his weird old man.  Is he even old enough to vote?  If someone double-dog-dares him, will he hit the button?

3.  That nuclear reactor mess in Japan.  Umm…it’s spewing radiation into the Pacific ocean, ya know.  Just sayin’.

4.  Giant garbage islands in the oceans.

5.  Global warming.

6.  Disappearing bees.  This is totally freaking me out.  Huge numbers of dead bees are showing up.  If the bees go, we go.  All disappearing species, really.  Scary stuff.

7.  GMOs.  There’s people DNA in your potatoes, folks.  Taterpeeps.  NO NO NO.  This should not be in potatoes, it should not.

8.  The next big wave of people-annihilating influenza.  Pretty sure it’s coming, and the flu shot isn’t going to do it, folks.  Pandemic.

9.  They keep finding disembodied feet washing up on the coastlines.  What’s with that?  Where’s the rest of them?

10.  People hatin’ on other people.  People hatin’ on women, on LGBT folks, racial hatred, religious intolerance, xenophobia.  Why the hell can’t we all just play nice?  You be you and I’ll be me and we’ll all place nice.  Want to trade?  I have peanut butter.

11.  Being at the tail end of the baby boom.  By the time I get there, will my retirement funds still be there?  Or will I be lining up the Fancy Feast?  I hope I can have candles and nice china at least, that would make it REALLY fancy.

12.  Overpopulation, subsequent food and housing needs, and the “need” for more consumer goods is taking over valuable farmland.  An iPad isn’t going to do you much good if there’s nothing to eat.  Soylent green is people.  Yum.

That’s my list for today.  Have a happy rainbow sparkle day!


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  1. OK. Now even I am worried. I expect that doing yoga and fighting the good fight will help just a little bit. Well, at least I’ve got that.

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