Worry Warts and All


You know how I worry…

Here’s the thing. I’m worried about you. That’s what I do. I worry.

I’m worried about your marriage. I’m worried about your health. I’m worried about your family problems. I’m worried about your drinking. I’m worried about you feeling isolated and alone, not-good-enough. I’m worried that you feel trapped. I worry that you’re not getting what you deserve out of life, and that you don’t know how to change things.

I spend a lot of time worrying. I only talk about myself here at She Just Ain’t Right, because a lot of your stories are not mine to tell. Some of my own worries I don’t even talk about, because they are only half-mine. There’s two sides to every story, sometimes three or four. I know that only writing about my own worries probably makes me sound pretty self-absorbed at times, and sometimes I am, for sure. But mostly I’m protecting people.

I love you guys. I love ALL you guys. Well, that’s not true. I don’t love ALL of you ALL the time. Some of you are arseholes, sometimes. Some of you have behaved badly. But so have I! Sometimes I’ve been an arsehole and I don’t even know it. Sometimes you’ve been an arsehole to ME and you don’t even know it. And I still love ME. So, even if I don’t currently love you, I claim the right to worry. It may no longer be any of my business. So be it.

But if it is my business, and there’s anything I can do to try to make it better. well, you know where I am. I’ll be over here telling your secrets to my worry dolls and playing with my lucky rock.



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