A La Mode


I tell ya, if there’s one thing I love, it’s clothes. Especially since there’s far more variety for me to choose from now. Clothes for “plus size” women suck. They are generally expensive, poorly made, and lack funk. This industry needs an overhaul, big time. But, that’s not what this blog is about.

I don’t have a fashion blog, because, well…not everyone thinks I’m fashionable. I am, however, unique. If you want a fashion blog, there’s lots out there – my friend and colleague Michelle has a great one for young professional women at caniwearthattowork.wordpress.com. I also like “Already Pretty”, and “Princess Nebraska”. It’s a genre, there’s lots out there for every possible taste.

What I like is a challenge.

See, I like clothes, but I don’t like PAYING a bunch of money for clothes. Love the thrift stores, for most things. I will, however, pay good money for new underwear, tights, and “staple” items like tank tops. I’m also a BIG proponent of hand-me-downs. Spread it around, give and receive, our bodies change over time, so pass it on. I raised my kids on hand-me-downs and thrifting too, and they turned out okay – although I had boys. Would this have worked on girls? Maybe very funky girls, I dunno. At any rate, I never had girls, so I don’t know. I’d like to hear your experiences in this regard, though.

Here’s a few of my personal rules, which I break constantly:

1. ONE incredible piece should stand on its own. OM patterned mustard-coloured harem pants do not need competition. Simple jewellery, plain top.

2. EITHER the top or bottom should be poofy, never both. Poofy pants require a fitted top. Leggings need a poofy top, preferably one that covers your butt.

3. I’m not a big fan of mixing different patterns. One pattern per outfit.

4. A vintage Levis jean jacket goes with everything. Period.

5. Put at least one incongruous element in a boring work outfit. Cowboy boots are fun…

6. EITHER cleavage or legs. Both is kinda slutty. Some occasions call for slutty, though. Go for it.

7. Show off what you’ve got. I have a 36 inch inseam. I like red hot green tights and a short skirt.

8. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t wear X because you’re too Y. I’m six feet tall. I happen to like heels. Also, I tend to be somewhat busty. I’ve never had any complaints.

9. Mix it up! Tuxedo jacket with peasant skirt. Sure. Channel your inner pre-Raphaelite cowgirl.

10. Wear whatever the hell you want. I still don’t wear navy blue, ever, because my mother told me when I was young that navy blue was a nice sensible colour for “big girls”, and that I couldn’t wear a bomber jacket (which was the ONLY style at the time) because my butt was too big. To this DAY I want an orange plaid bomber jacket. Just cuz.

Celebrate yourself! Express yourself! And be creative. If it doesn’t work today, you’re gonna get dressed again tomorrow anyway, right?


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