The Rant, As Promised


Okay, so here’s my ranty blog I promised yesterday, but failed to deliver as I got kinda busy in there somewhere.

Every weekday morning, I go to the gym before I go to work. I’m not the first one there, nor am I the first one the hit the changerooms.

It used to be, I’d go up and check to make sure the sauna was on before I worked out, as the cleaners had been turning it off to clean at night and forgetting to turn it back on. Few things are more disappointing than walking into a cold sauna. I mentioned it to the front desk staff, and it’s been addressed, so, YAY.

However, there is a plank platform about 3′ x 4′ that goes on the floor, which is tile and gets very HOT on bare feet, which they lean up on top of one of the benches when they clean the floor. Often, it gets left up there and is still there in the morning. On the upside, that floor is CLEAN.

Like I said, I’m never the first one in there in the morning. But Friday, I got kinda pissed. I came in, I could see some of the women had left their towels in there to warm while they showered, so I knew they had already been into the sauna. The floor platform was still leaned up against the bench. Just then, a couple of them came in and one said “Oh, good, Lynne’s here. Lynne, can you put that floor down for us?”

What the hell?

Well, it got slammed down good, believe me.

I feel the pain that men feel sometimes, I think, when I hear the “poor lil me, I’m just a weak lil girl” card played. It happened to me in an office once (not the office I’m in now). Something needs to be moved? Lynne’s big, she’ll do it. Something needs to be reached? Lynne’s tall, she’ll do it. It has ALWAYS pissed me off. I’m very self-sufficient, and I guess I have high expectations for others to be the same way. Also, I have pretty bad knees, a hip that’s wonky at times, and the back problems that often come with height, although working out has gone a long way to correcting them. You don’t know my story or my limitations.

But for God’s sake – IT’S A GYM, gurls. I refuse to believe that none of you are strong enough to put that floor down. You work out EVERY DAMN MORNING.

So – I never liked standing in the back row centre with the boys on picture day, when all you demure little “ladies” were sitting the front row, ankles crossed, hand in your laps. I don’t like carrying your bags, tying your shoes (yes, I had a supervisor get me to do that once, believe it or not), hauling boxes of paper around, or reaching the stuff that you can’t. Get a stepstool. If there’s nothing wrong with you, damn well do it yourself.

I have reached the point in my life where I’m getting awfully tired of looking after people who can look after themselves. I have no problem helping people who need it, it’s my job, but being treated like a draft animal because I’m taller than the average woman just PISSES ME OFF. I am no less feminine than you, so stop making me feel that way. In fact, I am far more woman than most of you.

I am tall. I am strong. I am very self-reliant. So should we all be, to the best of our abilities.

So, there’s my rant. Happy? I’m not. 😦


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  1. i know,i know,i know. when i walked in a room i could seeit in people’s eyes. hmmm, what do i need moved? now of course they move things so i don’t fall over them.

  2. Hello Love! Great rant, and all valid. I just wanted to point out that as I read it I could hear the quintessential Helen Reddy song “I am woman……” playing in my head (though I was only 10 when she was around 🙂 Hopefully more women will read your rant, and take it to heat-regardless of their dimensions, strengths, or psychology. Keep being who you are, you’re amazing. Den:o)

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