Big Wheel Keep on Turnin’


So much going on, and so little I can blog about!

The problem with interpersonal things, and family things is that there are always other people involved;  people who deserve privacy and consideration, no matter how I may feel about them or their actions. 

I promised when I started this blog that it would not be a forum for negativity, nor would it be a place where it was okay to slam people.  I stand by that statement.  It’s still not okay.  The only person who really gets slammed on here is me, generally.  It’s not okay for you to slam me on your blog, but it’s okay for me to slam myself, and vice versa.  That’s assuming you even have a blog, which you should.  I recommend having a blog.  They’re much easier to care for than a dog or a cat, and can be completely neglected for long periods of time.  They don’t poop in odd places, or bark at inappropriate times.  They occasionally do wake you up in the middle of the night, though, so be forewarned about that.

The very wise MLS once responded to my whinging about private issues, and wishing I had a super-top-secret-private-blog, by advising me that there is indeed such a thing, and it’s called a diary.  That’s where this kind of thing belongs.

I’ve been blogging pretty regularly for a couple of years now.  I thought I’d run out of things to say, but it hasn’t happened so far, mostly because life keeps happening.  Yup.  Big wheel keep on turnin’, Ike.  But I can’t always share.

So, until I have something that’s fit for public consumption, here’s the lovely Miss Tina Turner, who still has better legs than any of us:


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