Surgery Update


It’s been four weeks since my surgery. I’m back to work, and back to the gym (somewhat).

So, here’s the scoop: the surgery was more complex than anyone thought (hence the long hospital stay), but I’ve healed fantastically well. So, like, yay.

However, that doesn’t mean life goes back to normal. Oh, no, that would be TOO easy.

I have to wear the abdominal binder for six more weeks! He said, though, that he thought the groundhog had just said six more weeks of winter, so I could just think of it as an extra layer of warm clothing. Thanks, Doctor Optimist. 😛

I still have to be super careful lifting things, although he said light laundry was okay. Also, I have to be careful to be balanced, i.e. not carry a whole bunch of stuff in one arm and nothing in the other.

I can ONLY walk and do some light cycling for the next eight weeks. NO elliptical, NO rowing.

AND – this is the worst part of all – NO STRENGTH TRAINING for FOUR MONTHS!

Well, I understand. And he’s cautioned me to take this very seriously, so as not to undo all the hard work we’ve both put into repairing my stupid body. So, I will. I have to. He reiterated this several times, also cautioned me to THINK before moving, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. Use the brain AND the body.

My regret? Remember my goal to be in the best shape of my life by my 50th birthday? Not going to happen now. I can’t get back to strength training until at least the first week of June, which only gives me 3 weeks, as my birthday is on the 28th.

I REFUSE to beat myself up about this, though, or to give up. I’m off the smokes still. My weight is up to 209, but that’s not bad, considering I quit smoking, had Christmas, and spent an entire month lounging in my pyjamas. I should be between 190 and 195, so really only 14 – 19 pounds. In the circumstances, that’s a walk in the park.

So – new goals. Lose 14 pounds by 50th birthday. Continue to be a non-smoker. New goal – to be in the best shape of my life prior to turning 51.

Does this mean I’ve failed to meet my goal? Absolutely not. I’ve just had to move things a little bit. Shit happens.

Namaste. Be strong!


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  1. My Love; you have smashed through your goal of “best condition at 50” with a resonance that all of us can take inspiration from. I certainly have, and this only makes me love you more. The smoking thing is a work in progress. You’re amazing,

  2. If you were just at the gym to hit a goal weight and then go back to the couch, you could be worried at this point. But since you’ve changed your entire freaking life around and MISS working out and are looking forward to hitting the weights again, you’ll be golden before fall. No worries. You are amazingly strong.

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