Notes to Self


I was just tidying up and getting organized for my return to work next Wednesday, and I found the little notebook I took to the hospital with me. It was a great idea to take a little book, for writing down the doctor’s instructions, tips from the nurses, etc., but what really made me chuckle was my morphine-induced notes to myself.

“Why can’t your boyfriend sleep with you at the hospital? Seems unreasonable.”

“I would kill for something crispy – a piece of TOASSSSST! TOAST!”

“People have an unreasonable interest in my bowels.”

“Sorry, old lady in the next bed – I’m not chatty.”

“I wish my little cat was here.”

“I like the curtains closed. That’s why they’re CLOSED.”

“crispy crunchy sweet salty fibre-y food”

“Best boyfriend, really. He’s very sweet to me.”

“Did I say crispy?”

“Please stop opening the drape. I’m an introvert. I like it closed. It completely unnerves me to wake up to an old lady staring at me.”

“Things I want to do:
– clean house and simplify my life
– travel
– get $ under control
– stay fit and healthy
– be easier on myself”

I actually don’t remember making any of these notes, but they’re in my handwriting, in my book, so I gotta claim them. Apparently I like sex, crispy food, and not being stared at.

Boy, was I in the wrong place!

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  1. Let’s not forget the most original question for ANYONE monents after surgical recovery (on serious drugs mind you:) “Do I still have a Belly Button?”

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