Ron Loves – ?


Scroll through the pictures – they are in two groups – sorry there are so many!

locket 007

locket 001

locket 005

locket 006

I got a call yesterday from Vinnie’s (the thrift store branch of the St. Vincent De Paul), which most of you know by now is pretty much my very favourite place in the world. Last time I was there, one of their silent auction lots caught my eye. They auction off items that are really too high-end for the thrift store, although I’ve seen some pretty amazing things out of the floor that have somehow slipped through.

The locket caught my eye. I love lockets. I have several antique lockets, family pieces, that I have always loved. One contains a photo of my maternal grandfather, and one of his mother. Another is of my paternal grandmother’s parents. The third is of my paternal grandfather holding my father as a baby, which is doubly lovely as it also contains a tiny slip of paper which reads, in miniscule printing, “Gerald and his Daddy at 8 months – Labour Day”. I have a more recent one, handed back to me when my mother died. I got it for her birthday one year, and it contains photos of my own children as babies.

locket 008

locket 012

locket 011

locket 010

locket 009

locks 003

locks 002

locks 001

locks 004

This lot from Vinnie’s intrigued me. I paid $52 for the whole lot, which seems a bargain. The locket, sadly, does not contain a photograph. It is inscribed “Love Forever Ron”, and stamped “sterling”. It’s hefty; substantial. It has a certain patina. I don’t know if it’s technically an antique, or only a few years old. I’m not an expert. With it were two matching wedding bands, a man’s and a woman’s, also marked “sterling”, and a light little bracelet. It seems incongruous with the other items, thin and skimpy.

Were they all donated together? Is the man’s band Ron’s own? Are Ron and his lover dead, in which case his inscription was beautifully apt, or just divorced, in which case it’s a little sad? And the bracelet – it’s tiny. The woman’s ring fits me easily, and I do have large fingers, but the bracelet does not. It may be for a child, I don’t know, I don’t know. Certainly it does not belong to the owner of the ring. And Ron, what was her name?

I want to know. I’m picturing James Garner from “The Notebook”, personally, but who knows? Maybe Ron is a jerk. Maybe someone was so mad at him she didn’t want to pass it on, or even hock it. Maybe it was from an estate, maybe they’re both long gone.

Too many pictures in this post, I know. But I’m so intrigued. Lockets, little memories worn near the heart. Whoever put a picture of a person who wasn’t special in a locket?


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