Why do I put this out there? Why do I, a purported introvert, choose to share so much personal stuff here with you on the internet? Well, it’s for two big reasons, really. Firstly, I really like writing. It helps me sort things out in my own head. But secondly, and more importantly, is that because I’ve always felt like a weirdo, fish-out-of-water, it helps me to try to explain myself to the world.

There’s a third reason though, a delightful offshoot of the second reason, that has KEPT me blogging over these past few years. What I’ve found is, that particularly for my female readers, I echo thoughts or feelings that they have had themselves, but haven’t been comfortable putting into words. In short, you are Just Like Me, and I have found over the last couple of years, through your feedback, that far from being a fish-out-of-water, I am, in fact, Just Like You.

So, I overshare sometimes. I find that the times when I do the most personal oversharing is when I get the most heartfelt thanks from the most readers.

Believe it or not, I don’t share absolutely everything. I’m actually pretty circumspect about things like my job and my sexuality. I don’t say much about other people, either, unless it is positive. But I do like to share some things that might be considered too personal. This blog, after all, is not widely advertised. Most of my readers I know personally. Not to say that if I don’t know you personally, you are not welcome here – hey, it’s the internet. If my ramblings interest or inspire you, read on. I know I even have readers who are among those who don’t even LIKE me, and are probably rolling their eyes at this point. Well, roll on, my frenemies, if you are reading this, you are here, and I win. Nerny nerny nerny. That’s a legal term.

All that being said, one thing I have been very candid about is my body, and my struggles with my body image. Can you stand one last picture? Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to look. Here it is, post-surgery, two weeks later:

week 2 002

Your body is not ugly. It’s not shameful. It doesn’t have to fit anyone else’s standard. It is what it is, and if you are healthy, you have everything.

I hope that this picture, and my blog, makes you feel better about yourself. You’re okay. You’re not a freak. You’re not hopeless. You’re not a monster. Let the world love you, okay?



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  1. I thank you for your candour. I have a neice in hospitol with anorexia. Sadly, her heart may be permanently damaged, her spirit is damaged, and I only hope she can get to a more accepting place. I know it is a long road for most of us. I find it validating that we are all suffering (some more some less) with the same struggles. BTW, nice ta-tas and wowzer bra!

    • Oh, wow. That’s a hard road. It’s very, very hard to come to a place where you feel like you’re good enough. The media sure doesn’t help. And THAT’s why I’m a feminist. We have to make sure that we know, and our nieces and daughters know, that it’s not all about the value that men place on our appearances.

  2. As a person who also suffers from a pretty egregious hernia I, identify with a lot of what you are going through. I too have to lose a pile of weight in order to have the operation. So far I am 20 lbs down with a few miles to go…but what intrigues me most about your photo this week …is the bra!!!
    Need details on the make and model, the sisters always appreciate good looking support ( helps with that whole body image thingy )

    • HAHAHA I didn’t even think about the bra! The bra was one of six I got for about $25 on ebay. It was a great deal, same style in black, white, beige, red, purple and turquoise. They made me pretty happy, I’ve been very pleased with them for the price!

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