On Writing


It kind of amuses me when I see blogs offering advice about “how to write”.  Let’s assume for a moment that you don’t have any literacy issues or learning disabilities that bar you from written communication.  Let’s also assume that you’re not a professional writer either, nor are you aspiring to be one.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s my Advice on Writing. 

In my humble opinion, then, there are very few rules to writing. 

1.  Write.

2.  Read a lot.

3.  Be genuine.

4.  Try not to whine.

5.  Be nice.

Et voila, Bob’s yer uncle, You Are A Writer.

I’m a writer.  Okay, so, I’m not a professional writer.  I wanted to be one, once upon a time, but I have neither the drive nor the inspiration, and so, I scribble.  I’m absolutely a writer.  I write a blog.  I write many crappy poems (and a few good ones).  I write facebook status updates.  I write lists of things to do.  I write summaries of client files.  I write grocery lists.  I write letters. 

I write Every Single Day.  So, I’m a writer.  Case closed.  Mission accomplished.



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  1. Hey the She, I respectfully submit to you that you are a Potential Professional Writer; by virtue of your unevaluated status. ie: You are untested.
    I know someone who believes in you, verily perhaps more than thyself, fair lady. You know, I had a College Professor who said that the best way to write a piece (was to) “Just start writing it.” Works well for proposals, reports, and structured language. So, why not for fiction, or nonfiction novels? Worth a try, I believe Shejustaintright.
    Den :o)

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