Really the Last Post for 2012. Really. Probably…


Truly a watershed year. Lots of ch-ch-ch changes.

I have fallen in love again, for the last time. I’ve found an equal, someone who respects me, challenges me, loves me, occasionally infuriates me (although I can’t stay mad with him for more than about ten minutes) and gives me no end of pleasure and joy. Someone I want to please, and who wants to please me. Someone with endless charm, gentleness and goodwill. Someone who is worth working for, a great communicator; someone quietly determined, and a lover of the world at large. Den, you are worth working for, worth waiting for, and absolutely amaze me.

I have altered other relationships, strengthened some bonds and untied others. I have a little sadness, but no real regrets or surprises, people have drifted in and out. Some of it I understand, and some I don’t, but it’s all good, and I wish no one ill.

Continuing my fitness quest in 2012, and have now added “quit smoking” to my list of accomplishments – well, for six weeks, so far, anyway. I have gained a LITTLE weight as a result, but as a non-smoking fit person, for this brief moment, I have achieved a lifelong goal. Will both/either last? We’ll see.

Next hurdle – surgery in January. Then four weeks of quiet meditation during recovery. Who knows what revelations will come this time? Last time I was removed from the world was life-changing and mind-boggling. Post surgery, I intend to up my fitness level, and hopefully begin rowing and biking next summer as well.

So – 2012 – it’s all good between us. We’re at peace, good, bad and indifferent.

Namaste, all, and happy New Year.


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