I have opinions on just about everything, whether I know anything about the subject or not. I am, however, aware that not everyone is terribly interested in them. I’m okay with that. They’re not always that profound, and sometimes quite misguided and based on something-someone-said-on-the-radio, or what-I-imagine-may-be-the-case.

Am I even entitled to have an opinion, then, considering how ignorant and unfounded some of my opinions are? Damn right I am. I’m less inclined to share my less-informed opinions, and they are the most easily swayed by persons more informed on the subject. Some times it’s a good idea just to haul them out and dust them off just so someone else can replace them with better ones. It’s called “learning”; I try to do that sometimes too.

Most of my opinions aren’t written in stone, but some have withstood the twin tests of time and critique and survived. Those tend to be regarding matters I actually know something about, though. Those I am willing to defend, because I can, because I can. Some of them aren’t popular. Some of them weren’t initially popular, but society has caught up with me. Some of them are just a lil bit stupid, but I’m usually kind of quiet about those (note to self: continue tracking Bigfoot).

I’m not super-brilliant. I am, however, smart enough to examine data and realize when I’m wrong and when I’m right, and when it just doesn’t really matter.


What? What?

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