Doodly Doo


I had a ginormous flashback today…

We had an afternoon staff meeting, a district teleconference. Fortunately, I had the foresight to put on a pot of coffee just beforehand, because I have a baaaaaad habit of falling asleep during staff meetings. I can be sitting RIGHT beside my boss, and still start to nod off. It’s embarrassing, but I’m POWERLESS. If the topic doesn’t involve the scope of my work, and/or doesn’t interest me at all, I’m gone. Can’t help it.

Let’s go into the Wayback Machine for a minutes. It’s 1982. BMLSS. I have geography class, last period. I’m a morning person. If I have to do anything important or mentally taxing, it’s gotta be before noon, otherwise I’m a lost cause.

Colleen will vouch for me. I often fell asleep in geography. The teacher (sorry, he was a super nice man, but it’s true) was indescribably dull. The classroom was always too warm. I had absolutely no interest in the subject. And so, I quite often dozed off. Colleen gave up poking me awake after the first term.

We used to draw cartoons on our notebooks to pass the time. It was okay for Colleen – she was an excellent student, and must have been a good sleeper. I’ve never been a good sleeper – I don’t think I’ve slept through a whole night since some time in the 70s. But I AM a napper without peer.

The absolute crowning moment of my geography career came during our final exam. As noted, I kind of missed a lot of the information. I had answered all the questions I could, and there was still an hour of exam left. So, head on my desk, I fell asleep.

Colleen, Colleen, Colleen – I love ya, girl. This is a woman of HIGH intelligence. A woman of academic and moral integrity, and the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. She took a chance that day. You’re not supposed to speak during exams. But she did, putting her own grades at risk. Concerned for my grade on the exam, she poked me gently and hissed “wake up!”.

To which I replied, loudly and grumpily – “I’M DONE”. And promptly went back to sleep.

I passed. Not by a whole hell of a lot, but I did. That class pulled my average WAAAAY down.

But today, during our staff meeting, I had a thought. I was starting to drift, as talk turned to statistics. We all know how interesting statistics are. So, I started to draw – and lo and behold, I was tuned back in. I was focused and as alert as I ever am. An artist I’m not, but just the act of drawing kept me tuned in.

I’m wondering, though – would it be worse to be caught doodling, or napping? I think I’ll doodle.


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