Not a Knitting Blog, Redux


There’s lots of good knitting blogs out there. I read several of them. This is not one, though, as I stated in one of my very first posts. I’m a very keen knitter, but I’ve discovered that I’m more of a therapeutic knitter than any kind of an artist. I don’t know who the latest designers are. I’m never knitting what my fellow knitters are knitting. I’ve discovered that I CAN knit lace, CAN follow charts but – I don’t enjoy it. I tend towards very simple, zen-like knitting. I like to seriously contemplate the person I’m knitting for while I’m knitting, putting good energy into my “work”. If I have too many details to keep track of, I lose the enjoyment of it.

I haven’t been to my knitting social night for weeks. There’s all kinds of knitters there, from the very accomplished, technical knitters to the rank beginners. I’m somewhere in between. I’ve been knitting for a long time (think: late 70s) before some of these people were even born. I didn’t knit for many years in between there, from the early 80’s up until the turn of century, really. I’m glad it’s enjoying a comeback, because it’s so very satisfying. I feel connected with my mother and my grandma when I’m knitting. My Mum taught me to knit, and to sew, and to embroider. Only lesson I ever took was a “magic loop” workshop; otherwise, it’s just something inherited that I’ve honed on my own over the years.

Curiously, I enjoy the social aspect of group knitting, but I get distracted and often spend long stretches not knitting at all. I talk, and listen, and play with babies. It’s good “female time”, and I miss that aspect of it, a bit, but I’m not exactly starved for female company. I’m surrounded by awesome women at work, and the vast majority (but by no means all!) of my friends are women. Still, the group seems to attract really vibrant, intelligent, interesting women too, and the conversations are never boring! Lately, I’ve had (*cough*) other engagements on Tuesdays, though, so I’ve not been for a while. I’ll be back, but I don’t feel the need to go every week.

Knitting remains, for me, at least, a solitary past-time. It’s my unwinding time, my meditation, my time to think about people I love and connect with people who aren’t with us anymore.

I still have things my mother and grandmother made me: stuffed animals, afghans, articles of clothing. They are the things I always keep when I’m purging my belongings. When I make things for my family and friends, I hope that they understand the love that went into the making. I hope one day my little niece and nephews will dig out their zombie monkeys and monsters and think “oh, I can’t part with that, Auntie Lynne made it”. That one day Elliot will pull out his Jughead hat and remember his Mum. That’s what’s important to me, and I hope it is to them.



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