Is the Nest Half-Empty or Half-Full?


Since I started this personal training thing, an unusual side effect has happened.

I love mornings. LOVE them.

Now, a lot of you are probably groaning and saying, oh, shut up, Lynne – but I do. Here it is, Sunday. It’s 6:45, and I’ve been up for an hour already, hangin’ in my bathrobe. It’s cool, green and quiet (the world, that is, not my bathrobe, although it is, coincidentally, also green). The birds are just getting up, the crickets are just going to sleep. It’s hazy and comfortable. The world is mine. No demands, no noise. This is my time.

I can’t go to the gym yet, they don’t open until 9 on Sundays. So I CAN’T go do-the-things-I-am-responsible-for. House is (relatively) clean, due to the no-kids at home thing. Laundry is caught up. There’s a few dishes in the sink, but not enough to worry about. Kitty litter doesn’t stink. So, really, it’s all about me.

That’s rather an odd feeling after all those years of caregiving. When left to my own devices, when I don’t have to work, what do I do? Well, I go to the gym. I knit. I card fleece, spin yarn. I listen to the radio. I play the guitar and sing a little. I check out the internet. I write letters to my man. I read, watch movies, take wonderful naps. I walk, go shopping, visit friends. I putter around the house, tidying things up, painting, rearranging. Day trips out of town to see my friends and family. I blog – wait, is that a verb? Sure it is.

Does there need to be any more? I don’t think so. It feels pretty full. I know why there’s a biblical “day of rest”. We need it, to know ourselves, whether we are “religious” or not. I tried the church thing, as my regular readers know, and it was not for me. Now, maybe it just wasn’t the right church for me, or the right congregation. I don’t know. I think the Unitarians were my last hope, really. I find my solitary Sunday morning at-home time to be much more spiritually fulfilling.

So, here at the Church of the Lucky Aardvark, the coffee’s on. The cats are prowling. The birds are chirping. There’s granola, raisin bran AND oatmeal. And I think I’m going to take some coffee back upstairs and finish my book.

Empty nest? I think not. It’s quite full indeed.

What? What?

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