Pabst and Skinny Jeans


There’s a trend in the past few years that I don’t really care for.

It’s you crazy hipsters.

Love the fashion, don’t get me wrong. Totally love the fashion, always. The eyeware in particular. But the attitude bugs me. Can’t like anything mainstream. Can’t like anything anyone’s ever heard of. Can’t like anything at all, except in a jaded, ironic way.

There’s an air of smug superiority that galls me. Where’s your joy, kids? What makes you happy? ANYTHING? You’re too young to be so world-weary. If you’re this depressed and miserable now, god help you when you have to go out and actually make a living and pay bills. Because in this particular case, it does NOT, in fact, get better. It’s not all Pabst and skinny jeans, ya know.

I think all y’all need to start loving something, wholeheartedly and unashamedly. Even if it’s not cool. Even if everyone has already heard of it. Big Scooby-Doo fan? Cool. Love KC and the Sunshine Band? Well, okay, your call, but – still cool.

Be who you are. Do what calls to you. Surround yourself with people and things you really love.

Jeez, Lynne, what are ya, some kind of fuckin’ hippie? 🙂


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