Moving Day


So, it’s kind of a big day around here. Today I’m moving my younger lad to Toronto, so he can start university in September.

Yikes! When did that happen? This is my baby, after all. I just brought him home from the hospital, didn’t I? I just spent countless nights feeding, rocking and changing him. I just got back from endless appointments with the pediatrician, cat scans, seizures, visits to the hospital. He just said his first word, “Batman”. Not “Mum” or even “Dad”, but “Batman”. We still don’t know why. I just picked him up from riding his tricycle off the porch. I just found his stuffed gorilla, Gordon, left out on the playground. I just taught him to talk and walk, and now he’s walking right out the door.

I’m gonna miss that big goofy guy. He makes me laugh. He’s been such a good kid, too. He makes good decisions, but still knows how to have a good time without being stupid. He’s a good student, and an avid volunteer. He’s chosen a career path that I’m exceptionally proud of. This lad has the brains, and he could be anything he wanted to be. He wants to be a social worker, specifically working with youth.

My dad told him “you’re not going to make any money doing that”. He knows. He knows, and he wants to do it anyway. He wants to do something that contributes to society and feeds his soul, and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

So, Namaste, Mister Moose. Welcome to adulthood. You’re going to be just fine.

Love you always,


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