So You Wanna Be a Guest Blogger, Eh?


Hey, me again. Zup?

I’ve been neglecting my blog. Bad, bad blogger. I’m smacking myself for you right now. Sorry.

Just a zillion changes going on right now, awesome, wonderful things going on, new horizons, renewal and rejuvenation. Change is good. Restarting from a long stall, clearing out cobwebs, opening up and believing again. Pouring my heart out in other places.

Paul O, you said you wanted to do a guest post? Here’s your chance, dude. Anyone else interested in a little experimental blogging on here before starting your own blog? It’s really fulfilling. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know that so many people are reading what you say – and they ARE, so be careful out there, kids – over 11,000 hits – don’t incriminate yourself or talk smack on here, okay? And because this is truly the Seinfeld of blogs, you are not limited to any topic at all, nor do you have to keep it PG rated. It’s all about getting down to the truthful heart of the matter.

So, if you want to do this, let me know. Try to keep it positive, but a little righteous anger is totally understandable. Y’all know what I will and will not tolerate, so no racist, sexist, homophobic stuff, goes without saying, right?

You could, of course, just start your own blog. It’s not hard. Any fool, including me, can do it (although I had to ask Mary Lynn how…). I heartily recommend blogging as a creative outlet. I’ve been awed and humbled by the people whose lives I’ve touched by doing this, and those who have touched mine.

Drop me a line if you’d like a guest spot.


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