The Whole Tooth


Why no Saturday morning post today, Lynne?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons. Some are kind of personal, but the main reason is that I have had a horrible toothache since last night. I’ve never had a toothache like this before. It sucks balls. I’ve been experimenting with pain relief all day, OTC drugs, heat, cold. Ibuprofen and a hot compress seems to be the best so far.

Fortunately, I have a dental appointment Monday anyway, so if I can hang on that long, I should be able to find out what the hell is wrong. I may go up to emerg tonight if I can’t get to sleep, though. I hate sitting in emerg, because of course, it’s triaged, and I suspect rotten toothache is probably a pretty low priority when people have more serious problems, so it’s probably a long wait.

I remember once I had Thing One up at emerg, when he was just a little guy. He was in his jammies, and I’d brought a book of Thomas the Tank Engine stories that he particularly liked, to read to him while we waited. We curled up in the waiting room. Across from us, there was an inmate from the correctional centre, handcuffed, with an officer on either side. I realized partway into a story that he was listening to the story, too.

See? Read your kids more stories. It’ll keep them out of jail.


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