The Flesh is Willing


Today in my brain:


Remember that movie about the plane crash, where they ended up eating the dead to survive?

What’s wrong with that, anyway?  Here’s a promise from me to you:  if I’m dead, and you’re hungry enough to want to eat my carcass, you hereby have my permission to go for it.  I’m not using it anymore.  It’s not “me”, per se,  at that point, it’s meat.

There’s a taboo against eating human flesh, I think we can all agree on that.  But there’s also a long history of ingesting others in order to memorialize them or to ingest admirable qualities that they had;  it’s a culture of respect and remembrance.

There’s just some weird creepy cannibalism out there too, I know.  I’m not advocating killing other people in order to eat them, or farming or hunting humans.  I’m just saying:  after death, it’s just a body.

What actually brought this on was a combination of watching too many reruns of  Survivorman and my typical response to hunger, which is generally “I could gnaw my own arm off “.  That got me thinking:  Could I actually gnaw my own arm off?  Presuming that one had the means to prevent oneself from bleeding to death, could eating your own limbs actually prevent you from starving to death until help came?

Discuss amongst yourselves.  I think I’m going to go have a bowl of cereal.


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