Travelkat – Origins!


Travelkat is my buddy.  He lives in a tiny suitcase in my purse, and pops up in the most unexpected places.  He is a connoisseur, a cynic, a bon vivant.  He has friends everywhere.  He’s a fearless adventurer.  Everyone looks forward to his next adventure.  Pretty good for a guy who’s only two inches tall.

But where did Travelkat come from?  Who is this international cat of mystery?  Today, we’ll explore the arcane origins of – TRAVELKAT!

Travelkat hails from St. Jacob, Ontario.  My then-partner and I were on a romantic getaway weekend.  We were staying at a beautiful little B&B called “Jakobsteddel” (not sure about the spelling, there), which has since been bought out and “modernized”, and in my opinion, isn’t worth a squirt anymore.  There’s a bar, now, with a bigscreen TV, where the sitting room with books and board games used to be, and an office, just like any other hotel.  But at the time, it was run by a little old German lady.  The halls were decorated with “retired” quilts, deemed too worn for beds, but still beautiful.  Every room was different, old-fashioned, homey.  There was no TV.  Breakfast was old-school Amish food, including the BEST sausage I have ever had.  You could sneak down to the kitchen 24/7 in your PJs for homemade cookies.

“All it’s missing,” I said to my partner, “is a little cat curled up on the bed.”

While we were out and about that day, we found a charming little wooden cat to remind us of our stay.

D was (and still is, I imagine, I don’t know for sure) an avid skiier, and our next trip was to Whistler.  Whistler is a place of fantastic natural beauty, boutique shopping, gourmet dining and wonderful skiing.  Only problem is, Big Bird doesn’t ski.  I had to find other ways to occupy my time while D was skiing.  There’s really only so much you can do on your own in Whistler if you don’t ski.  So, we started a daily travelogue.  Travelkat started popping up in the occasional shot, offering commentary on food, wine and scenery.  Pretty soon, over the course of the next five years, he had entire pages and days all to himself.  His adventures developed quite a following, far more than D’s and my boring vacation photos ever could.

And thus, Travelkat was born.  The relationship fell by the wayside, but Travelkat continues to accompany me everywhere, and still has much to say.  I’m thinking about getting him his own Facebook page


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