Road Trip!


I haven’t been to Toronto in AGES.  I used to go once or twice a month, but mostly just as Private Booty reportin’ for duty, so not only haven’t I been to Toronto, I haven’t been visiting as much as I want.

I’m making a trip this summer, for two or three days.  I plan to shop, eat and carouse, all activities at which I excel.  People I wanna see:  Colleen, Pauline, Earl, Mary Lynn, Paul, Sherri, Rebecca, Frieda, Connor, Dale, Tammy and anybody else who wants to get together.  Did I miss anybody?  If your name doesn’t appear here, and you’d like it to, and you’re up for a pint or a falafel, let me know!  I gotta make some plans…

Also, if anybody would enjoy seeing me on their couch in the morning, I would enjoy being there.

Just sayin’.


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  1. Toronto. Lived there for years. Lived updown and worked downtown. Perfect. Since moving to back to small town Lindsay I do however miss the falafales. There was this place on the south side of Bloor between Spadina and Brunswick that was one of my favourite. Is it still around?

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