Up Close and Personal


I’ve read three news stories lately that have completely freaked me out.  First, there was the cokehead who chewed off some hobo’s face, and the police had to shoot and kill the guy to get him to stop.  Then there was the cage fighter who ripped out his sparring partner’s heart, allegedly high on mushrooms.  THEN  I read that someone is sending bloody stumps of feet to Conservative HQ in Ottawa, and I think someone else got a hand as well.  I don’t remember anything like this since the guy on the greyhound bus a couple of years ago who ate part of his victim.

What. The.  Fuck?

What’s with all this gory, up-close and personal hand-to-hand carnage?  I know people are shot and killed every day, but there’s a degree of detached removal in shooting someone, and the more sophisticated the weaponry, the greater that degree of removal becomes.  Killing someone with your hands and teeth takes some kind of crazy cold-blooded savagery.  You’ve got to be pretty blood-mad-enraged to chew someone’s face off.

So, is it just a drug thing?  There’s talk of drug induced psychoses being at play in the first two examples, and I think the greyhound guy was diagnosed with some pretty serious mental illness.  I don’t know, the most extreme thing I ever did under the influence was eat a tin of tomato paste and sleep with someone I probably shouldn’t have.  I’m not a big experimenter with drugs, though.  Cocaine scares the hell out of me.  I’ve dealt with too many aggressive, grandiose cokeheads to ever go down that road.  Peace, man.  I don’t understand wanting to put yourself in a hyper-aggressive state.  Where’s the fun in that?  It can’t be relaxing, that’s for sure.

My son jokes about his plans for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Now, I like a good zombie movie myself, but – really?


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  1. Zombie apocalypse, it may be closer than we think. Espescially with all the crazy stuff going on you mentioned.

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