Down to Both the Wire and the Bone


I have a major change coming up.  For the first time in my whole life, when Thing 2 heads off for university, I’m going to be living all alone.  I’m both slightly freaked out and quite excited at the same time.

So, there’s some stuff I want to do.  I know I’ve been talking about getting a dog, but that’s on the back burner until I see what my alone-life is going to feel like.  First, I want to go through this place, room by room, and get rid of STUFF.  It’s going to take a long time.  I have waaaaay too much stuff that I don’t want and never use.  Most of it I’ll just donate to charity.  Some of it I’ll try to sell on kijiji.  But a LOT of it needs to go.  I want to go through every drawer, closet and cabinet, including the little shed out back and the basement, the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom cabinets – everything.

Also, I want to clean this place top to bottom, every inch.  Anyone who’s ever spent time here knows that I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper.  You cannot eat off my floors, and in fact, if you are in the habit of eating off the floor, perhaps you need more help than I do.  I have plates.  It’s all cool, bro, you can have a plate.  Also, although not a contender for “Hoarders” by any means, I have a lot of clutter that I’m sick of trying to keep tidy.  Weirdly enough, I’m completely done with cleaning up after other people.  Any mess I have to clean from here on in will be MY mess (aside from the kitty litter, that’s not mine), and I will clean it joyfully.

Also, I look forward to a more European way of grocery shopping, daily marketing for what’s fresh and good, rather than having great piles of frozen food to satisfy giant marauding teenage boys, and bags of liquid spinach rotting in the crisper.  I’m seriously considering becoming a vegetarian in the fall.  Not a vegan, I could never handle that, but an ovo-lacto.  I eat very little red meat as it is.  Chicken will be the hardest meat for me to leave behind, it’s so versatile, lean and tasty.  But hey, my game, my rules, right?  Maybe I’ll be an ovo-lacto-chickotarian.  Any way you slice it, my grocery bill’s going way down.

I’ve given up the idea of moving.  I was thinking that this place is too big for just me, and that the rent is too expensive, but I’ve been pricing places and honestly, I’m better off here.  It might be too big, but it’s safe and well-managed, and once I’m done my big giant purge, I think it will suit me very well indeed.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting episode, in which I will probably completely change my mind about all of this!  But for now, visions of a clean and tidy, beautiful, zen-like space are dancing in my weird little head.


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  1. Sounds wonderful, Lynne. This is MY life right now: “great piles of frozen food to satisfy giant marauding teenage boys…”

  2. 1. I love reading your blog. This morning, I planned my coffee drinking so that I could experience those 2 pleasures together.
    2. I recently learned that maurading teenaged boys periodically return. Just sayin’.
    3. “Flexitarian” covers a lot of ground.

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