El Kaboom


I was up at the Lindsay courthouse the other day, at about 10:30, when my client said “I smell propane or something”. I could smell it too. I stuck my head out the door, and it was stronger in the hallway. Our duty counsel lawyer said she smelled it too, and went to investigate. She came back in a minute and said they were evacuating the building, as the construction crew next door had broken into a major gas line.

So, everyone filed outside, court staff, lawyers, and accused people awaiting trial. The OPP wagon came for the prisoners – apparently it was worst downstairs in the lockup.

And what do people do? I kid you not. LIGHT UP A SMOKE. There were people smoking everywhere! Now, I’ve got my own nicotine addiction problems, I’ve smoked on and off most of my life, although I’ve managed to quit a few times, for long periods, and I’ve got it fairly well controlled at the moment. I know it’s a stress reliever. But – THERE’S A GAS LEAK PEOPLE. Not a subtle gas leak, a HUGE gas leak. There were firetrucks and cops everywhere, and the air was choking thick with it (yes, I know, the gas doesn’t stink, they add stuff to it to make it smell so you know there’s a leak, yadda yadda yadda).

Gas + Flame = KABOOM

Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe there was no apparent danger and I’m overreacting. Didn’t seem to really worry anyone else, but I was freakin’ on the inside, believe me.

Eventually the cops got around to telling people to knock it off. I was busy doing outdoor interviews (there’s some street justice for ya). We were then told that Enbridge was on the scene and it was being capped, but that court would not resume until 1:00 p.m. I left at that point to go back to my Peterborough office to do some work, because I’m only supposed to be there until 1:00 anyway.

Apparently the Judge was giving out parking lot remands, and it’s going to be quite busy next week.


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