Can anyone stand one more rant about the “singles’ scene”?

Well, here it is. For me, there IS no scene. Work – total bust. Church – ditto. Knitting group – nope. Singles’ Night? Well, I think we all recall how well THAT went. Online dating? Just…no. The only responses I seem to get are from bitter, aged, nascar fanatics who can’t spell, or guys who are really into huntin’ and fishin’ and are lookin’ for a good honest lady, no headgames. I bite my tongue, I hold my peace, I run silently screaming. I DON’T WANT THAT GUY. I have NO intention of settling for that guy. Neither bitter nor desperate am I, but apparently, a little too picky.

Holy SHIT, does anyone even READ the profiles on these sites? Or do they just randomly reply when they see a face they like? Because I swear, not ONE respondent has even looked at what I wrote. Not ONE.

Here’s the thing. Maybe I AM forty-eight. Well, there’s no “maybe” about it, actually, I just am. But I’m NOT DEAD YET. I’m not a boring, middle-aged fart. There must be SOMEONE my age who’s smart and interesting. I don’t think I have any cougar in me, but men my age on these sites just seem so deathly dull and stupid. I just don’t understand why I can’t meet anyone. I’ve recently heard two theories on online dating, one that purports that it simply does not work, regardless of statistics touted in the ads, and one that states that it does, but the key is patience.

Well, in my experience, karma is kind, but slow, and happens when you least expect it. So, now I need to just stop expecting it. Don’t think about that elephant under the coffee table, and it will go away. Honest.

I wonder if there’s a disconnect between what I look like and what I am. I tried to run a good, honest, recent, slightly quirky picture. I think it looks pretty good, not unattractive, like someone who is interesting, but apparently I am mistaken.

I know, I know, I’m a weirdo freak. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I think my height and my outspoken manner are intimidating to some. But goddamit, there’s gotta be someone out there with enough balls to handle that. I don’t mean someone aggressive or arrogant, but someone who’s just comfortable enough with himself to let me be comfortable with MYself, because I’m damned if I’ll tone it down again.


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