The Eulogy Project


My Living Eulogy Project has started well.

I actually looked up the word “eulogy”, and discovered it comes from the Greek (doesn’t everything?) and means simply “good words”, and is not, in fact, funeral-specific, but can refer to any public acknowledgment of a person’s worth.

So again – why do we reserve this for funerals?

I’m very excited about this project. I had “eulogized” two people before this project even started, one after a meaningful dinner, by e-mail, and one right here on my blog. After announcing my intention to do this on Facebook, I wrote one as an impromptu response to someone’s kind words to me. I started in earnest yesterday, e-mailing two friends and just letting them know that I valued them, and why.

This is such a simple thing, I’m surprised I’ve never thought of it before. I intend to try to do this every day. Some messages will be to close friends, some to acquaintances who have touched me with kindness. Some will be to friends of my childhood, and some will be friends of my maturity. Some, I think, will be very emotional indeed, deep and poignant, but some will be sunny and clear. Some may contain apologies for my own past behaviour.

They will all, however, be full of gratitude.

What I’m finding really interesting about this is that I’m actually not doing in in any expectation or hope of a response. I’m not doing it to find out what people think about ME, ME, ME. I really honestly just want people to know that they mean something. We all need to know that. We touch people every day, and we never know how deeply, or how long our words and deeds, though they may seem insignificant, are remembered and cherished. We never know how some small thing we have done has enriched someone’s life.

Well, we should know. I hope to do this every day. I know a lot of people, and I meet new ones every day.

This could take a while…


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    • I totally trust your interpretation of Greek more than Wikipedia, dude. My sources are pretty sketchy, I was just curious! But true words can be unpleasant. So, I may not have the meaning right, but I think I’m going to stick to saying nice stuff! Can you imaging getting a message out of the blue from some chick you went to middle school with telling you what a b*tch you were? I’m not gonna send those ones! 🙂

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