How Do I Love Thee?


A while ago, I had dinner with someone, an old friend (you know who you are) who had a profound and positive effect on my outlook. I sent him a lengthy e-mail afterward, telling him how important that one encounter had been to me, whether he knew it or not, and thanking him for being in my life.

Why don’t we DO that? The only time we get an outpouring of heartfelt emotion is usually at our funerals, much too late for us to appreciate it. We take for granted that people know how wonderful they are, or how much they mean to us, but most of us are terribly insecure, insulated, fragile things. We honestly don’t know how unique and beautiful we are, the profound impact we have on each other, and the love that is felt for us in a billion tiny ways. Every day, we say lovely things, we support each other, we exude love and positive energy, we help each other and are kind.

Are we too busy to stop and appreciate each other?

So, starting today, right now, I’m going to start choosing random people in my life and telling them what is wonderful about them, and how much they mean to me. Some of them I may phone, to some I may write letters, some I may e-mail or PM on facebook. I have people who have been huge influences in my life, who probably never knew, who aren’t with us anymore. I regret not telling them.

So, no more regrets. This starts today.

Cost? Nothing. Benefit? Huge.



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