Word and Question


When my kids were younger, we used to play a game called “Word and Question”.  I learned this game from a book I loved as a kid, “What Katy Did”, the story of a quaint little American family and their stiff upper lips in the face of adversity.  It’s outdated, sentimental and a little maudlin, but it spoke to me at the time.  In fact, I still love Katy quite a lot, truth be told. 

Anyway, everyone gets a piece of paper.  At the top of the paper, the player writes a word.  ANY word.  Then, the paper is folded over so the word can’t be seen, and passed to the next player, who writes a question.  ANY question.  The paper is folded over once again and passed to the next player, who must write a poem in which the question is answered, using the word.

It’s not for everyone.  In fact, most people wander away.  But man, if you’re into it, you’re really into it.  It takes a certain kind of weirdness of brain to play.  Needless to say, my kids and I loved it. 

My personal favourite was the time I got the word “babysitter”, and the question was “is God real?”.


“God is real, God is true

God looks after me and you

God can see you on the sh*tter

He’s a Cosmic Babysitter.”

Hey.  It rhymes, and it follows the rules of the game.  And when my kids were 8 and 10, they thought it pretty funny that Mum wrote a poem with the word “sh*t” in it. 

I miss that game.  I wish I could play that game RIGHT NOW.  I wish I knew other people who would think that was fun and cool.  Also, who were tall and wanted to kiss me. 

That’s all.

What? What?

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