But What Does it MEAN?


I picked up son number one from the bus station last night. He’s come down for SN2’s birthday on Sunday.

Last night, he and I were up in my room, having a cup of tea while I put my laundry away. I was showing him some weird old treasures from the top shelf of my closet, things of my mother’s, a tiny makeup case from Mexico, my 80’s neon-green hightops, and other assorted bits and bobs.

I pulled out a pair of brown shoes with heels, that I had worn to my wedding to SN1’s father back in 1987. I notice there’s something inside one of them, and I pull out something shiny.

At first, we’re not sure what they are, as they’re clipped together in a clump, but when we get them apart, it turns out they’re a pair of cheap, clip-on earrings in the shape of tiny crucifixes (crucifii?).

This begs a couple of questions. Firstly, why are they in my shoe? Why are they in THAT shoe, my wedding shoe? Why did I find them just then when my son was there? Where did they come from? I don’t have pierced ears, and they’re just really not my style. I’ve never seen them before. They’re tacky, actually; cheaply made dreck.

SN1 tries them on, of course, first in the ear, then as a nose accessory. Note to reader: there’s a reason people don’t wear nose clip-ons. He says if he ever becomes a TV evangelist, he’s so totally wearing them. I don’t want to stand in the way of his career goals (yeah, right…), so I give them to him.

On our way to bed, I say “dude, we need to write this down”. He replies “Yeah, it feels like it should mean something.”

It DOES feel like that, but I can’t figure out what!


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