Goin’ Up the County…


Today’s adventure was a trip out to the County to visit Greg and Pierre.

Wow. You know how friends come and go in your life? People drift close, then drift away. Sometimes we never see them again. Sometimes we do, and they’ve changed, or we’ve changed, and the friendship just doesn’t fit anymore.

I’ve known Greg since our University days. We were roommates on Dupont Street. Those were some weird days indeed. Some truly wacky shit went down. Some of it we’re still laughing about.

We drifted apart for many, many years. I reconnected with him a while ago, and – BAM. How can people just pick up where they left off like that?

The beautiful thing is to see someone who is so content with life; who still has an inquisitive, questioning, unpretentious, creative spirit, and who has found a true partner in life, and – is happy. I think after a while, we can get bitter and jaded, waiting for our happy endings.

Our happy endings are right now. We make them.

We laugh ourselves sick, we talk and talk and examine and dream. We went for an excellent hike out to the Dunes at Sandbanks Park – that’s a crazy place, it’s like being on another planet.

We agreed, that visiting makes us both feel young. We missed a lot of years of laughs. We’re catching up. We’re both pretty immature, I guess.

I prefer “childlike”, full of awe and wonder and appreciation.

A simple, beautiful day with one of those people that you just hope never goes away again, and whose presence in your life has a very special shape beyond time and space.

Cheers, Greg.

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