So, I’m committed to going to this over-40s-singles thing tomorrow night, and I’m RIGHT on the edge of a full-blown panic attack. I really hope I don’t chicken out and panic at the last minute. It could happen. The morning of my wedding, back in 1987, I remember waking up and thinking “it’s not too late to run away to Panama”. The thing is at 8, so maybe I’ll go to knitting at 7 for a while and calm the hell down.

What the hell do I wear? I want to look umm…available, but not slutty. I don’t want to dress too much younger than I am, and look like an idiot, but on the other hand, I’m young-at-heart and I have my own style, and I gotta be me! Also, what about heels? I love boots with heels, but they make me about six foot three. Too intimidating?

What if it’s a room full of women and no men? What if everyone else is not only over 40, but over 60? What if they’re all really short?!? What if they’re (and this is the worst of all) totally boring?



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  1. You could think of it as a blog assignment… Lynne – intrepid social anthro blogger – just checking out the scene. I, for one, am dying for your perspective on it!

  2. What if, what if, what if….Claudia has very good advice. It’s all just adventure. You don’t have to commit to anything.
    What if it’s a lot of fun?

  3. I’m with Claudia. If it’s fun, that’s great! If it’s not fun, it’s blog fodder, right?

    During my extended period of singletonhood, when facing a promising event (or just to get myself out), I’d a) consider it practice of the social-type, and b) tell myself I only have to stay for a half an hour. If it’s truly awful, I’d be allowed to leave. But I’d make myself attend. You won’t know what it’s going to be like unless you go.

    And if they’re all 60+, you can be the cute young thing!

  4. Even if they’re all old, all women, all whatever, you’re out there trying. It’s all good. If you can categorically say that everyone was boring then you did an excellent job of working the room, and you should have no compunction about heading for the exit. I really doubt this will happen. Besides, it shouldn’t be all about meeting a man, rather about enjoying an evening out. I bet there will be some fun people to talk with. I met some really great women at a singles’ event at the ROM. We had a wonderful time. Didn’t meet any promising males of the species, but the women were fab!

    And about those heels. Speaking as a women who is pushing 6 ft. — if a guy isn’t attracted to a woman because of her height then he just nicely filtered himself out of the running. Job done. Thanks. It’s not like you’re going to start wearing flats when you get into a relationship. At least, I sure as heck hope not!

    Have a ball. Your loyal blog followers are standing by for updates.

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