I like words. I like them a LOT. I like the way they sound, and the way they feel in my mouth. I like the way they convey subtle nuances of feeling, meaning and description.

I DISlike aggression, confrontation and deceit. I’m not crazy about ass-covering, or trying to throw other people under the bus, either. I’m pretty big on taking responsibility for your own fuckups. I’m huge on negotiation and dialogue as tools to get to the roots of problems.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, and cowboy up when you make a mistake. Everybody makes them. But don’t try to turn around and pin your own incompetence on someone else.

Because they just



Conversely, dear colleague, you could always bite me instead.

My own team in my home office is the best group of people with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. Truly, and not typed in “sarcasm font”. They are fantastic. We collaborate beautifully, and rely on each other’s strengths. We’ve been known to have each other review e-mails before sending them to ensure that the tone is respectful and appropriate. Today, a colleague counselled me not to respond to an e-mail today, while I was still in a pre-apopleptic state.

And that was very good advice indeed, because “read my goddamn note, you fuckwit” is just not very professional.

Thanks Joanne. I owe you one.


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  1. hmmm, maybe I need my own Joanne here. Or someone to put a leash on me in the next two meetings I have, because “no, you can’t each have it your own way, babies!” is not what I should be saying . . . butohhowiwantto!!

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