Random Update


Hi blog people. ‘sme. Remember me? Sure you do. I’m She Who Can’t Just Shut Up.

I’ve had a few things going on right now in my real nonblogging life. Just to summarize, I feel great. That is all.

The only other news is really good news about our Grace. The vet suspected she had either hyperthyroidism (which would require daily medication and monitoring) or diabetes (which would require daily insulin injections). Either way, it was tolerable, treatable, non-fatal news. However, I got the results from the bloodwork back, and what she REALLY has is – a food allergy. I’ve been feeding her the same food for ages, but apparently it can just happen, according to the vet.

So, all she needs is a course of prednisone (I’m not sure what that’s about, must ask) and a diet of hypo-allergenic food.

Really, it’s a best-case scenario. I’m pretty happy about it. So all you Grace-lovers out there, breath a sigh, she will be fine.



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  1. my 5 year old doxie Jackson wrenched his back in December (right before Cmas) the vet pretty well wrote him off as a parapaligic that would be better put down than live misersably …
    3 weeks of prednisone ( an immune system boosting steriod) and a lot of tlc brought him back to running and tail wagging , he does have a bit of a silly walk left over from it all but otherwise he’s back to his old self. I was left a little disapointed about their lack of encouragement at first but they were quick to recant their prognosis at the next visit .
    It was a heart breaking time but we did not give up on him ,
    glad your Gracie will be ok

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