Caution: May Contain TMI for BOYS – Bra Stuff


Okay, so I was chitchatting with Linda online this morning, and the topic of bra fittings came up.

I booked one for this afternoon.

Cue “Up Where We Belong”.

It’s kind of exciting. I’ve never had a fitting done. All I know is, I’ve lost so much weight lately that things are just not fitting right, and I’m tired of pulling my straps up.

I don’t know how I really feel about bras. It’s definitely a feminist issue (unless you count Kramer’s “Bro” and the “Man-Zeer”). I don’t really *like* wearing them, but gravity dictates that I really should. I’ve never actually burnt one. I’ve been poked by underwires, and my usual battle-cry when I get home after work is “Free the Peterborough Two”. I’ve had some really nice, pretty bras, and some utilitarian workhorses; I’ve had sports bras, and pushup bras.

Never really needed a padded bra, though… 😉


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  1. ha…..when I first read, utilitarian, I read UNITARIAN …. and wondered, what does a unitarian bra look like?? Hope all goes well and that the girls are happy in their new home!

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