Bra Stuff – Part II – REALLY TMI


So, I went for a professional bra fitting this afternoon.

If that makes you uncomfortable, read no further, because it’s about to get worse…

I found out that the reason my straps are always falling down is because I’ve been wearing bras that are a bigger band size with a C cup, which I thought I was.

Well, I’m quite amazed to find out that what I needed was not a bigger band, but a bigger cup size. Good lord, I’m an E! Excellent. Exceptional. Extremely bodacious.

The price of the hand-embroidered, French, gorgeous bra I chose – well, that’s a secret. It was a lot. It was my congratulations-to-me on losing fifty pounds. This is without a doubt the most expensive item of lingerie I have ever owned, and believe me, in my day, I have had some pretty swanky underoos.

Too bad I’m the only one who will see the damn thing. Ah, but I will know, I have top-notch underpinnings on, and I will feel fabulous!


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