Haters Gonna Hate, Can’t Stop Our LOVE


As you may have seen on facebook, I have entered into a new relationship.


Really, Lynne?

Yes. Really. With Bigfoot.

I’ve been fascinated with Bigfoot for years. Why can’t they catch him? He’s too smart. Also, by all accounts, a vegetarian. And with all that running around in the bush, he’s probably in really good shape.

He’s really tall, and looks very, very warm and cuddly.

No one picks on you when Bigfoot is your boyfriend.

Also, I think that like myself, he’s probably a little antisocial and dislikes shopping malls and amusement parks.

I had a box of kleenex at work that had Kungfu Panda on it. Sadly, today I used the last tissue. I couldn’t find a new box, so I asked Leanne if when she put the next supply order in, if she could order more kleenex., preferably with Kungfu Panda.

She wasn’t sure if that was an option, but she said “hey, maybe you’ll get lucky”.

If I ~do~ get lucky with Kungfu Panda, please don’t tell Bigfoot.


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