I often drive on the 401. It’s on the way to lots of places I want to be. Frustratingly, I often wind up on the 401 at rush hour. I have spent a lot of time sitting outside the Oakville Ford plant. Many, many tedious hours of stop and go traffic have I seen.

COME ON PEOPLE. If there’s an accident on the OTHER SIDE of a divided highway, where we can’t possibly hurt anyone, and fire, police and ambulance are already there – why are we slowing down?

I have two theories. My first theory is that we are by nature good Samaritans. We want to assist in a crisis. We are good people who want to help. We feel a moral obligation to assist. I want to believe that. Really, truly I do.

My second theory is that we are all just a bunch of ghoulish rubberneckers hoping to see some gore, thriving off the misfortunes of others in hopes of some sensationalism.

If we can help, we should. If you’re the first one at the scene, you can call for help. You can give first aid, if you know how, or even just comfort a victim until help arrives. When we were on family road trips, my dad often stopped to assist at accident scenes, because he was an ambulance driver part time and had extensive first aid training.

He was USEFUL. He was not in the way, or causing harm. He knew what to do, and how to do it safely.

I guess what I’m saying is, that it is a wonderful thing to assist in a crisis. It is both our moral and legal obligation. But when the professionals are on the scene, the best way to do the most good is to stay out of their way.

What? What?

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