Look Up – Look Way Up


If I ever hit the Big One and come into a whole pile of money, I want to build my own house, my Giant House. Not giant in size, but giant in scale.

Here’s my must-haves for my dream home:

I don’t want to live in a huge city, but I’d like to be close enough to one to be able to access restaurants, shopping and cultural events. Neither am I a country girl. Town life suits me fine.

If money is no object, I want someone to cut the grass, tend the gardens and plow the snow. Yes, snow. Because I fully intend to continue to live in Canada, regardless of my fabulous fortune. I don’t think there’s too many better places to be in the world than right here.

I’ve never wanted a huge house. Too much to clean! Of course, I’d have someone to do that for me, right? But still. Two bedrooms and a den are plenty for me.

Lots of windows, lots of light, high ceilings, open concept. A sauna and a hottub, with a nice deck. Bookshelves built-in everywhere, with a rolling ladder for fun. Big floppy couches. A fireplace. A real fireplace, for real wood. A big wraparound porch, to protect in the winter and shade in the summer. Climbing vines.

Finally, I’m upscaling everything. All countertops will be 3 – 4 inches higher than standard. I’m tired of dealing with things that are meant for the average-sized woman, bending over a sink with a sore back. My house will be BIGGIFIED throughout. Taller toilet, like in the handicapped stalls in public washrooms. I love those toilets. Longer tub. Higher counters.

Dale, Rick, y’all come visit whenever you want. All you miniature peeps are welcome too. We’ll have little stepstools all ready for you.

And I’ll call Rusty.


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  1. Damn Lynne, you just described many of the attributes of my dream home. As I may also win the lottery, here are a few extras I will incorporate……and you and Rick are most welcome to come and enjoy.

    Kitchen with built-in pantry. And a root cellar and wine cellar, of course.
    Tons of storage for all my exquisite cooking paraphenalia.
    Those bookcases? Well the ones in the kitchen will be chock a block with well-loved and well-used cookbooks.
    An herb garden and lots of flower gardens (with help to do the tough stuff, of course).
    Right on the a motor-free lake. Wonderful view all around.
    Part of that wrap around porch should be screened in. The porch needs to be deep enough to hold small dinner parties. But, it can’t go all the way around the house, because we want the sun to shine in!
    Oh, and I’ll have the most amazing studio you can imagine. I have it all mapped out in my head.

    The washrooms will also feature real-sized people. Higher counters and sinks, of course!

    There will be lots of mature trees, including Spring flowering ones, lilacs, dogwoods, cherry, apple….and on and on.

    Don’t forget the awesome sound system.

    It’s all good.

    Looking forward to you visiting and letting me know what you think šŸ™‚


  2. Back in 1988, I went with a friend, a very tall friend, to Montreal, and we stayed at the YWCA (not “M”). The bathtub was so gigantic I felt like I was a little toddler. Very awesome. I wonder if it (the YWCA) and the tub are still there.

  3. Sounds wonderful. How about rain shower heads with in-floor heating to keep your feet warm. Don’t forget the amazing view. Ditto your house except I’d move it a little futher out of town so I don’t have to have so many curtains.

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