Liver Talk


Like most days when I work in Lindsay, today was a very long day. Attitude reigned supreme. Busy as heck. People wandering around lost, asking me questions for which I don’t have answers. Old dudes just wanting to drop in and chitchat because they’re bored.

I wanted something really good for supper, that wouldn’t blow my nutritional plan out of the water. Something different, exciting.

I had to go for groceries on the way home, and there they were – chicken livers! Elliot is working tonight, so I was on my own for dinner. Often I’ll just have toast, or cereal, because it’s a treat to get a night off from making dinner. Usually it’s the first question I get when I walk through the door at night – “what’s for dinner, Mo?”. Sometimes, Mo doesn’t Know. But tonight – liver!

You can “blech” if you want to, but I love liver. I think liver skips a generation. I rarely remember eating it as a kid, I think my dad didn’t like it, and the few times we did have it, it was terribly overcooked (sorry Mum!). As it is my Mum’s birthday today (she would have been 75), it’s fun to remember some of her cooking disasters.

If you don’t HAVE to eat it as a kid, I don’t think you develop an aversion to it. I didn’t, anyway. As a courtesy, I never made it for my own kids. I just don’t think it’s a kid-friendly food. It looks funny. It smells weird. I also rarely had rice as a child, oddly enough, although I ate a truckload in university to make up for it.

But man, oh man. Just trim those bad boys up and dry fry them, very lightly, just until they’re done through, no more, with some chopped onions. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, some salt, lemon juice and some chopped garlic. Heaven.

That’s what I had for supper. And some Greek yogurt and raspberries for dessert.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE liver. I was a weird child. Loved liver and broccoli. My younger brother would pass me his under the table.

  2. I love chicken liver fried with onion and pineapple served on rice….hum nice. No one I know likes liver….pate, maybe fried liver no….love it!

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