No Free Lunch?


Nothing is pissing me off right now.

I went back to work this morning, after a glorious week off. Desk was not a total disaster. Feel on top of things and in control. Getting up at 5:45 instead of the crack of 8:30 or 9:00 was not as painful as I though it would be. My body responded just fine to the whole thing.

I got an e-mail from a local radio station – I entered our office in a draw for free lunch from East Side Mario’s weeks ago, and we won, so on Friday, we’re all having pizza and pasta. Who says there’s no free lunch?

I went back to the gym this morning, and did NOT die. I didn’t wear my tighty-tighty workout top, though. I’m up a few. However, that’s the price you pay for an excellent holiday season full of food and wine and laziness. I’ll take that, fair enough. Also got most conscientiously back on my nutritional plan without any problem.

I’m going to knitting tonight, and Bridget has the Malabrigo Rasta in, in the Archangel colourway I was excited about. Non-knitters, ignore the above, it’s not a subculture drug reference or anything. It’s wool, ‘kay? And I like wool.

So, what do I have to bitch about? Nuthin’. It’s a little cold out. Suck it up, buttercup, it’s Canada. That’s the price you pay to live here.

How can I blog if I don’t have anything rant-worthy happening?


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