A Flea on Google’s Balls


I need to figure out what I’m supposed to be learning about this situation.

See, I’m broke.  Broke as a joke.  Brokey McBrokeypants.  Impecunious.

This isn’t an attempt to solicit donations.  Once some things get sorted around, my fortunes will rise again.  But why does it all have to happen at once?  Here’s what I mean lately:  Public Sector Employee Wage Freeze meant no raise for the second year running.  Ex-husband has been on strike, so no child support for three months.  My mileage claim for November from work has mysteriously disappeared into the ether.  And Google Adsense – well, they can just suck it.  I’ll never try THAT again.

I still don’t get what the hell happened there, or what they think I did, but it’s hard to defend your actions when they refuse to tell you what those actions allegedly were.  Totally Big Brother.  I thought to myself, “I should take this further, I should fight this”.  Yeah.  Sure.  Middle-aged Canadian nobody takes on CorpZILLA  Not gonna happen.  Erin Brockovitch I ain’t.

I’m not very good with conflict. My one foray into the world of whistle-blowiing was so traumatic that I still lose sleep over it, and it was almost ten years ago now.  Yes, it was the right thing to do.  Would I do it again?  Possibly not.  I’d like to say “of course I would”, but honestly, I was ten years younger then.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to learn from all this. Maybe it’s just a reminder lesson.  “Don’t trust big corporations” – check.  “Don’t trust the government” – check.  “Make sure you put something aside for a rainy day” – wait…well, I did, but it wasn’t enough.  “He’s your EX-husband for a reason” – check.

Muldar says – Trust No One.


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