Beware of the Bear


Okay, so.  I’m in a BAD mood.  I try not to be in a bad mood very often, but sometimes shit just happens.

Why?  Why?  WHY am I in such a crappy headspace?  My first-world white girl problems are getting me down.  Maybe I need to go volunteer somewhere where people have REAL problems.  My problems are relatively tiny, involving money and work and boys and general stress-y stuff like that.

They are really not such huge problems, most of them just require some patience and such.  Patience is not my strong suit, I’m the one standing in front of the microwave yelling “come ON, already”. 

Tomorrow is always a better day, I know.  The sun will come ooooouuuuuuut tomorrow…

But today, I’m just not feeling it.  I’m a grouch.  Beware.  I’m going to wrap myself in some yellow caution tape and post a big sign that says “Beware of the Bear”. 



4 responses »

  1. So indulge and be grouchy and don't try to minimize your problems by calling them "first-world white girl problems". Minimizing them doesn't actually make them smaller.You have a right to your feelings. Just because you're not being torn apart by wild dogs doesn't mean you sometimes have reason to be grumpy.

  2. let us all thank our lucky stars about that wild dogs business! Seriously, though–I hate days like that. They truly suck. Take out your frustrations on a treadmill or some weights. Grrrr.

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