Wrong Number!


Wow, so, guess what?  I was ~almost~ in a very serious accident today.  The car in front of me stopped suddenly, because the guy in front of HIM stopped suddenly to turn left into the Country Smith Ice Cream plant.  It was eight o’clock in the damn MORNING, so I don’t know why the FUCK he wanted ice cream (unless maybe he worked there, I dunno).

So, I slammed on the brakes to avoid rear ending him and went into a fantastic skid and promptly forgot everything I ever knew about winter driving.  That’s when I saw the ginormous transport truck in the oncoming lane, and all I could do was hope that a) he saw me and b) I wouldn’t go skidding right into his front grill, which is the way I was headed.

Well, I skidded right around 180 degrees instead and ended up in the ditch.  When given a choice between a head on collision with a mack truck and the ditch, always pick the ditch.  It’s good advice for the economy-car driver.

Amazingly enough, I was not even slightly injured, I didn’t hit anything, didn’t roll the car, and drove right back onto the road and on my way.  No tow truck.  No neck brace.  Nuthin’.  But LOTS of freakin’ adrenaline, let me tell you. 

Someone else’s whole life flashed before my eyes.  Mine is too boring.

So, you just never know when your number is going to come up.  I’m glad it wasn’t today, that’s all.  I’m not done my Christmas knitting yet.


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