2011 Round-Up – Well, Yee-Haw!


Last year I posted a little blurb about the year in review on my facebook notes. But then Jesus and Santa rode up on a big shiny dinosaur and brought me my very own BLOG.  Well, that’s not really how it happened.  Mary Lynn was on the dinosaur too.

Here’s last year’s, in case you aren’t my facebook friend, or you just really don’t care, or I’ve got you blocked on facebook and you’re lurking on my blog – yeah, I know you’re here, can’t stay from my trainwreck life, can you? – or your dog ate it, or anything:

So, this year: Developed lichen planus and couldn’t wear any shoes but flipflops for six months; developed fibroids and endometriosis requiring a total hysterectomy; hit menopause like a brick wall as a result; and supported a family member through a life-changing diagnosis of illness. On the upside, kept my job while watching my coworkers drop like flies; no longer have to commute; am still in love; have a wonderful family, boyfriend and children of whom I am unbelievably proud; and have cultivated my old friendships and developed new ones. Thanks and love to everyone who has supported me, laughed with me, listened to me, and reached out to care. Happy New Year. I’m not going to say I’m glad to see the end of 2010, it was part of the fabric and just a bump in the road. You don’t appreciate light unless you’ve seen some darkness.

On the upside, I’ve certainly enjoyed wearing shoes during 2011.  Flip flops in February were going to be a drag.  Also, I still have a job.  However, I’m not in love anymore, which makes me a bit sad, but it has also given me a great deal of my self-esteem back.  I feel very strong and more whole alone than I did when in that relationship, which is peculiar but true (but I’m a peculiar penguin, as we know, so it is to be expected).  I wish my former partner no ill, I hope we can be friends again one day, but I’m certainly better off alone.

I’m completely digging menopause, as well, believe it or not.  I will never have another period again. That really, really rocks.  I might be more upset about it if I had been at an age where I was comtemplating more children, but I’m not, I wasn’t, and I’m glad.  I’ve stopped HRT, as I worry about the safety of it, and the hot flashes are more of an annoyance than anything. They’re actually kind of amusing.  Watch my glasses fog up.  Want to see me strip?  The flashes are becoming less frequent as time goes on, so if you do want to see me strip, you need to act quickly.  Call me.

I have continued to enjoy the company of my fellow knitters at Needles in the Hay here in Peterborough. No matter how terrible my week has been, how stressed I am, I always have at least one good laugh on Tuesdays.  Thanks Bridget for hosting us all, thanks Lisa, Marit, Selda, Sharon, Sasha, Amber, Cameron, Rebecca, the Ladies from Warkworth and anyone else who comes out (I’m terrible with names, unfortunately).  We’ve lost some wonderful people from this group this year, and I miss Naomi, Glenna, Rebecca P and Kevin.  Knit on, dudes.

The end of my long-distance weekend love relationship has opened up my weekends to new possibilities, and one of the great joys of my life is that I have had the opportunity to really reconnect with my brother Tim and his family.  I see Cathy and my niece and nephews once a month now.  My time there is not long, but truly special and I feel cherished and welcomed in my weirdness there.  I love you guys.

Another benefit of the Hamilton visit is the Friday night Stitchapalooza, Cathy’s needlework group, where I have met a whole new group of stitchin’, bitchin’ broads who have allowed me into their circle, where some awesome laughs happen.  Cathy, Kerri, the Nancys, Monica, Michelle, Cindy, Elke, Paul and all of the Jennifers great and small, it is a pleasure to know you all.  I know I’ve forgotten some names, because frankly I’m lousy with names.  But thank you for letting me join you.  And this is a drinkin’ group, eh?  So, umm…yeah.  That’s fun too.

 I’ve reconnected with other friends, too, through facebook, and was very fortunate this summer to meet up with Mary Lynn and her family in person, and reconnect with my old pal Frieda.  Very special as well was reconnecting with my dear friend Greg, and realizing that the years really haven’t changed either of us all that much.  We’re a couple of goofy kids.  Visiting with him and his partner Pierre out in The County was refreshing and life-affirming.

I’m very grateful for facebook, not for itself, but for keeping me in touch with friends old and new, you’re all great and I am glad you are in my life.  2011 marks the year I finally got Colleen on facebook.  Good luck trying to “friend” her, though, she doesn’t have the internet at home and can’t be fooling around on facebook at work.  So HAH!  I’m her only friend.  Pretty exclusive, eh? Our knitting tour of western Ontario this year was a great outing.

I keep adding people, I know…somebody really special who has been a super friend this year is Linda B.  You make me laugh and think at the same time, and think the world is just as absurd as I do.  Always fun spending time with you and Patti.  Jam on, mon.

My list of gratitude could  not be complete without mentioning my dear friend Leesa and her family, who make me laugh, help me out, and welcome me into their home and their lives, and I love the whole bunch of them.  They are always there for me, kind, loving dependable people who are very special to me.

I’ve also changed my lifestyle considerably.  I visit the gym (almost) daily, and have lost 44 pounds to date this year.  My blood pressure and cholesterol are down within acceptable ranges, and my diet has improved immensely.  I no longer eat like a four-year-old stoner.  I’ve begun to enjoy preparing food and really tasting and enjoying fresh, simple flavours, and I hope to have completed my weight loss in order to have surgery sometime around May next year.  I’m still so glad that the surgeon said “well, you’re young and you’re motivated and I’m quite confident that you can do this, you’re on the right track, here’s some resources you might find helpful”.  Because frankly, other doctors (yeah, I’m talking about YOU, Dr. Z, thanks for NOTHIN’) just say “you’re fat”, and assume that you’re lazy and stupid as well.  Way to help someone, Hippocrates. 

My job continues to be frustrating, thankless, rewarding, wonderful and challenging.  Some days I’m glad I have it, and some days I want to run away with the Rodeo.  My colleagues are absolutely sterling, we have a great, committed, drama-free team and it is a privilege to work with you and not worry that any of you are going to flip off the deep end at any time.  Going to work every day has become much, much easier because of you all.  Not very many work people read my blog, unfortunately, because I just don’t think it’s a good idea.  But, whether you read it or not, I send you all my fond regards,  it is a pleasure.

Peripheral to work (i.e., not precisely colleagues), I always enjoy seeing Mable, Bob and Jackie when I’m at Lindsay court.   I love it when Shawn, Phil, Bill, Ray, Chantal or Ken drop in for a chitchat.  Mark is a crossover colleague, both in my office and at court, and that dude always makes me laugh.

The COs at Central East Correctional who bring me the bad guys every day are awesome.  They keep retiring on me, though.  About the only two of the my olds guys left are Bill and Wilders.  You guys make my job so much easier every day, and you’re both just lovely, lovely people.  Thanks.

Sharon and Margaret are part of my old life from the Lindsay office, I miss you both!  I wish I saw you more! 

My children continue to astound me as I see the fine men they are becoming.  They are both socially responsible, non-judgmental, thoughtful, loving young men and I couldn’t be prouder of them.   They are the best things I ever made, better than entrelac, better even than the brain hat. 

Lastly, this year I started a little blog.  It’s had over 6,500 hits.  It’s brought me back to writing, which was always my first love.  It’s made me think, and examine things, and laugh.  I hope it has entertained you as well.


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  1. Can't help you there, but enjoyed this post…we love you too and it's a joy for me to see you interact with the kids. Petra is finishing her first scarf BTW…and is excited to send you a picture of it via Facebook….

  2. OMG, I forgot Dayna Talsma, who makes me smile every morning at the gym! Also Deb at Treats, who gets out the biggest coffee cup she has when she sees me coming every day.

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