The Day that Ate My Brain


And so, dear reader, the first of December was not, in fact. covered in snow, just lightly dusted, but very, very cold.  So cold, in fact, that after yesterday’s rain, my car doors were frozen shut.

Picture this, if you will.  Me, in my workout gear, 6:15 a.m.   I am just waking up, trying to figure out how to make paycheque A meet bill B, since my ex-husband begged off child support this month, because he is on strike.  I’m not an ex-husband slammer.  He’s very good about paying his support, and through no fault of his own, is unable to this month.  That’s okay, I totally get it, but it does mess with my finances somewhat.  Plus, Christmas is looming on the horizon.  But, okay, I’ll deal.  Not a huge problem.

It’s still dark out.  I pop the trunk of my car.  It opens right up, and I put my purse in there, because I’m headed for the gym.

I try to open the doors.  No go.  Frozen.  I finally manage to get one of the rear doors open, and reach up front to start the car.  I figure, by the time I get it scraped off, it’ll be warm enough to open the other doors.  Right?  RIGHT? 

Well, actually no, it wasn’t.  So, I try to get up front from the back seat.  Picture Big Bird, here, with one foot in the driver side footwell, and the other hooked around the passenger side headrest.  It occurs to me that I am stuck.  It also occurs to me that my cel phone is in the trunk, where I can’t reach it.  I have a further revelation that although it might be nice to SEE a fireman, it would be somewhat embarrassing to have him use the jaws of life and a pound of butter to get me out of my car.  Also it would put a cramp in appearing flirtatious and desirable.

I am grateful, though, that six months of rigorous exercise has made me much more flexible, and through the removal of my shoe, I am able to extricate foot from headrest.

Off to the gym.  I have a somewhat shorter workout than usual, because at this point, I’m running a bit late.  I ramp up the speed and the incline, and go at her pretty hard.  I’m sweaty.  Reeeeelly sweaty.  Good workout.

I peel off my sweaty gym clothes and look in my gymbag for a towel.  Guess what.  It fell out of my gymbag during my earlier car adventure.  So, I take a shower, and stand in the sauna morosely dabbing at my big ol’ wet self with a sweaty gym top, and wringing water out of my hair.

On with the day!  No moping.  Back to the change room I go.  Meanwhile, my water bottle has had the top loose and has leaked water all.  over.  my clothes.  It’s a Lindsay day, I have NO time to go home and change.  So, I drag on my soaking clothes and head out into the cold.

Back in the car.  I find my glasses crushed and mangled on the floor of the car.  I apparently stepped on them while pretzelling my way in.  They straighten out okay, though.  A day without my reading glasses at work would NOT be a good day.

My job involves meeting with people who are not often at their best.  I need to be at MY best when I’m dealing with them.  I pasted on a smile, and was surprisingly compassionate and patient for most of a somewhat difficult morning.  Sometimes I get frustrated with our coverage guidelines.  I hate being the person to say “no” all the time.  I got through it gracefully and professionally, though, and I was pretty proud of myself.   I did, however, visit Mabel three times for more coffee.

About an hour before I’m ready to leave, I get an e-mail from my supervisor.  Pay increase information attached.  I’ve been with this organization for almost 14 years now, so I’m at the top of my salary band.  I don’t get any performance-based increases.  However, in the past, I’ve been eligible for cost of living increases.  Last year, however, the Public Sector Employees had their wages frozen.  AND GUESS WHAT I AM?  Yup.  This year, same deal.  Thanks Lynne.  Good job.  Sorry we’re not going to pay you any more money for doing it.

I love my job, and I’m not being sarcastic.  I truly do.  I’m fortunate in that I still have a job, after the last round of staff cuts.  I’m good at my work, and I care about our mandate and about my clientele.  I want to be grateful.

But after today, I’m just a little bit pissed off.


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